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After long negotiations, Marcos Braz will be “along with Tite” in the process of adapting to Flamengo |  Flamingo

After long negotiations, Marcos Braz will be “along with Tite” in the process of adapting to Flamengo | Flamingo

Marcus Braz, who is responsible for managing the negotiations over Tite from the beginning until the happy end last Sunday, decided that he would be as close as possible to the coach during the work that will begin this week during the coming period. Flamingo. Poo will be “on the side” of the 62-year-old Gaucho most of the time.

Pedro Moreno and Paulo Nunes commented on Tite’s signing with Flamengo

Determined to have Tite as the final coach during his tenure as vice president of football – Rodolfo Landim’s term ends in December – Braz told people close to him that he would focus the new captain’s adaptation to the operations of the Ninho do Orobo.

Marcos Braz has the support of Rodolfo Landim for this mission. President Braz made the leader of the negotiations to appoint Tite. The trainer’s daily activities will be similar, with constant, daily conversations, whether at Ninho do Urubu or in another environment outside of the trainer’s facilities. Flamingo.

Little by little, the knot was untied after the Brazilian Cup final. Hey Flamingo I’ve been really interested in the coach since the end of last month, and Markus Braz, with Landim’s approval, has entered negotiations strongly, especially in the last two weeks.

Brazil x Croatia, Tete – Photography: Reuters/Sahib Salem

Settlement on Sunday, five hours after the meeting

Marcos Braz arrived in Rio after drawing with Corinthians in the early hours of Sunday. In the afternoon, he met Gilmar Veloz, Tite’s representative. The long encounter, which had a happy ending, began around two in the afternoon and ended after seven in the evening.

Accompanied by CEO Bruno Spindel, it was Braz who led the talks with Fellowes. Salaries, bonuses, and contract duration were discussed. Tite, the leading Brazilian coach, usually works on a contract of only two to three years.

However, Vice President of Football Gilmar Veloz clarified that he can only offer a period ending in December 2024, when Rodolfo Landim’s term ends. With the new understanding, another barrier was overcome.

With flexibility on both sides, financial obstacles were also overcome, and the long distance between what one party requested and what the other party could provide was reduced. The green light was given to make the agreement official.

After intense negotiations and an exhausting Sunday, Marcos Braz will be there with Tite on Monday to announce the coach’s dream signing official. Once the papers are signed, the managers and coach will move on to another phase: planning so that the 2024 season in red and black will be much better than the disappointing season that is about to end without silverware.

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