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Renato Gaucho speaks to ESPN about the controversial trip after the defeat at GreNal

Renato Gaucho speaks to ESPN about the controversial trip after the defeat at GreNal

Luciano Borges, written by ESPN.com.br8 October 2023, at 22:53Reading: 2 minutes.

Hey international It was much better and Beat Greenall 440 3-2 This Sunday (8), in Beira Rio, after the defeat, the atmosphere was Association, What was no longer good because of the setback, became worse because of Renato Gaucho’s attitude.

With an appointment in Rio de Janeiro on Monday morning (9), the tricolor coach, shortly after the match, He left Colorado Stadium directly for Porto Alegre Airport to catch his flight, and did not show up for the press conference.

In contact with espnThe Gremio coach was short and blunt when asked about the matter. “Everyone at the club knew I would travel and hug them,” Renato said simply. Upon his arrival in Rio de Janeiro, at Santos Dumont Airport, he was recognized, but he did not want to speak to the people who asked for his word on the matter.

This action was strongly criticized by the Rio Grande do Sul press, and the person who appeared to be speaking was technical assistant Alexandre Mendes.

Minutes later, Gremio’s president, Alberto Guerra, also spoke to reporters and made it clear that neither he nor the board of directors approved of what the captain had done, despite knowing in advance that he would travel to Rio de Janeiro on this date.

The Gremio club president said: “One of the reasons I am here, from the president to the cleaner, from the security guard to the CEO, is that no one from Gremio agreed with the coach’s decision.”

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And whoever followed him and gave his warning.

“[O Grêmio] Can and did order [que Renato desse entrevista]But I couldn’t just lock the door and say, “You’re not leaving.” What can you do, class? I don’t think this is the case. “Again, we will talk to him during the replay and we will evaluate internally.”

“Internally, we will evaluate this. The president and the council do not agree,” Guerra said.

Regarding the title dispute, which has now become more complicated, with Botafogo beating Fluminense and having 55 points to Gremio’s 44, Guerra was direct.

“It’s difficult, yes. I’m uncomfortable with the defeat, mainly because I’m a Greenall player. It was a bad performance, but here at Gremio everyone loses and wins together.”

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Renato Gaucho during the state final between Gremio and CasillasPedro H. TECH/AGIF