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After defeating Atletico MG, Hulk blows up the referee and provokes Sasa, former Cruzeiro: “Watch my videos” |  Athlete- mg

After defeating Atletico MG, Hulk blows up the referee and provokes Sasa, former Cruzeiro: “Watch my videos” | Athlete- mg

By the end of the match between Athletic and Atlético MGin Sao Joao del Rey, in the first leg of the semi-finals of the Campeonato Mineiro, Hulk used profanity, talked about refereeing and provoked Sasa, a former Cruzeiro player, today in Athletic. Number seven entered the second half of the match, when Gallo had already lost 1 to 0. He missed a penalty kick, received a yellow card and asked to respect the “player hierarchy”.

Hulk criticizes arbitration after the defeat: “I did not stop anyone”

– There was a player who played for Cruzeiro, I don’t know his name (the reporter says: Sasa). this. He has nothing to do with the conversation and he came over to tell me to drop the ball.

“Tell me to drop the ball? Seriously! What’s his name? (Reporter says: Sasa). Sasa, watch my videos later and see my story.”

After the final whistle, Sasa could be seen being led off the field by his teammates. Patrick, who played for Gallo, quickly took the player to the locker room.


Hulk also complained a lot about the refereeing, used profanity and said referee Ronei Cândido Alves had a date with him. The move Hulk hung on in the second half was with Romulo, the sporty steering wheel (See bids below). A Gallo player was shown a yellow card after hitting his opponent with his arm.

48 minutes into the second half – Hulk yellow card from Atlético-MG against Athletic

At the end of the match, there was chaos on the pitch between Codette and Athletic goalkeeper Julio Cesar. At the end of the match, Alvinegro’s coach quickly returned the ball to the field, and the player from the squadron did not like it. They argued and a general discussion began, which security quickly contained.

– I already promised my wife that I wouldn’t talk to the referees. (…) He later apologized, and I said: “You were not a man with me.” Hulk said it’s the second match he’s ever done to me, and there’s no need to give me a card to want to grow

Hulk, the Atlético-MG striker, misses a penalty in the match against Athletic – Photo: Pedro Souza

“There is a hierarchy”

The striker also spoke about some of the Athletic players, who, in the seventh seed’s opinion, use matches against big teams to “grow”. Request respect for hierarchy.

– With all due respect to the Athletic team, which is a very organized team, there are some players who are waiting for the growth of these big matches. You have to show up playing ball, and then you miss them and you want to scare them. I earned everything I earned by respecting him, working my ass off.

“There are a lot of kids who wouldn’t make it out of here, they have little heads and they think they’re great players. I said to the guy, ‘I didn’t hit you in the face, you don’t need this, and then they want to grow up and ask me to sing that serenade?’” I don’t even know the boy’s name, with all due respect, but there is a hierarchy, you have to respect it, if you don’t respect it you’re not going anywhere.”

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