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After a "warm discussion", Manuel Soares asked to leave the "Encontro", as the columnist says: "for the health of the programme"

After a “warm discussion”, Manuel Soares asked to leave the “Encontro”, as the columnist says: “for the health of the programme”

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Patricia Poeta and Manuel Soares will not get along behind the scenes of the show

Manoel Soares and Patrícia Poeta co-lead "Date"
© Reproduction / Instagram / @manoelsoarespatriciapoetaManuel Soares and Patricia Boeta co-lead ‘The Meeting’

According to the country’s major news outlets, things won’t be easy Manuel Soares And the Patricia is a poet. The feud between the two had begun after the journalist realized she would need to share leadership.Date“With the previous caller and presenter of”he is from a house‘He didn’t like the announcer’s decision.

Since then, columnists have pointed out that the relationship between the two, behind the scenes of the show, won’t be the best. This week’s press Alessandro Lo BiancoFrom ‘afternoon for youHe recounted a heated argument between the two during the agenda meeting. Manuel It might be suggested Patricia Find a therapist. But apparently, the fight between the two took a new turn.

Friday (26), Le Bianco It was reported that Manuel Soares had expressed his desire to withdraw from the programme. in the information, Alessandro He said that at the beginning of the meeting, Soares said that “for the sake of the correctness of the program”, he thought it would be interesting not to share the stage with Patricia is a poet. The veteran will remain in the studio while the professional plays outside the scores.

Patricia could have gone against her will journalist He claimed that case Manuel Out, the audience will be sure of the failure of the new dynamic. ancient anchor National Magazine He also emphasized that he needed to improve communication with his co-worker and indicated that he could not align the communication between the two because they worked together at “É de Casa”.

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