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Adele takes out a multi-million dollar loan to buy her new California mansion. Valued at 196 million Brazilian riyals


Adele took out a loan to purchase a mansion outside of Beverly Hills, California.

Adele took out a loan to buy a new house
© Play / Instagram @adeleAdele took out a loan to buy a new house

Prove that they are people like us, Adele needed to get a millionaire loan to fund his newest mansion in Beverly Hills, California. This information was published Thursday (4/8) by two sources: “Daily Mail” and “New York Post”.

According to the press, The English singer took out a mortgage of $37.7 million (196 million Brazilian reais at current prices) to finance a mansion she bought for a paltry 58 million dollars (302 million Brazilian reais in current value); The deal took place in February. Adele’s loan at City Nacional Bank was approved in January.

The mansion the celebrity got belongs only to Sylvester Stallone. According to the websites, Adele has to pay in installments of 200 thousand US dollars (1.04 million R$) He has 30 years to finish repaying the debt. “The borrower promised to repay this debt in regular periodic payments and to repay the debt in full by March 1, 2052,” said the deed obtained by the Daily Mail.

high bills

The acquired property itself is often used as collateral for debt repayment in the United States. During this period, the act remains with the bank until full discharge. However, money shouldn’t be an issue for Adele.She is expected to earn around US$1 million (R$5.2 million) for each show she will perform in Las Vegas starting in November.

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in january, Adele has announced the cancellation of her new Las Vegas tour shows, in the United States of America. In a video posted on social media, the artist, clearly affected, told her fans that due to cases of Covid-19 in her team members, she had to decide to postpone the performances.