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Account holders are in shock because of these four posts

Account holders are in shock because of these four posts

Nubank has 4 great features you may have never used

nubank It is one of my favorite banks BrazilAnd he has some options that Brazilians can only dream of. For this reason, we will talk about it here and it will be easy for you to understand what you are missing.

1 – Pay bills in installments by credit card

We opened the topic talking about the option that allows you to pay your bills in up to 12 installments. Got a bill to pay and the money is missing? Just use this option. Of course, it has an interest rate, so use it only when necessary.

Nubank has just given customers news – photo cloning on the Internet

2- Shop Nobank

By entering the network of virtual shopping centers with Nubank, you are entitled to receive discounts, cash back and promotions in certain stores. So just open the app and use it without moderation.

Giant Transportation Company Bankruptcy Announcement (Reproduction: TV Focus Montage)

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Cerasa makes a statement that sounds like a huge victory for consumers (Photo Reproduction/Internet)

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3 – pix to credit

Need to pass pixels and run out of cash? Just use pix on credit and your problems will be solved. Of course you will pay a small fee, but if absolutely necessary.

4 – Nobank boxes

Now the funds are for you to separate the funds according to your goals. Want to travel? Separate the money for the trip months in advance. Thus, it applies to whatever you want.

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Nubank has guaranteed something more important to its customers - online photo reproduction
Nubank assured its customers of something more important – the reproduction of images on the Internet

What analysis did he give up?

Tired of asking for more limit on nubank And he always comes across the same sentence: “Unfortunately we cannot increase your limit.” Well, thinking about the customers situation, the bank decided to do something.

With Nubank’s new function, Nu Limite Garantido, this credit analysis is completely ignored. It’s very simple and works like this: Nubank app user sets aside an amount of their investment to increase the credit card limit. Thus, the customer will be able to spend more on the card and arrange to pay later.

NuBank app (Image: Clone/Internet)
NuBank app (Image: Clone/Internet)

And what is the step by step?

  • access to the Nubank app (Android, iOS);
  • Go to the credit card area and click “Set Limit”;
  • Then select the “Nu Limit Guaranteed” option.
  • Read the information provided and click on the arrow in the left corner to continue.
  • Select Create No Limit Guaranteed and enter the amount you wish to transfer from your account to be used as collateral.
  • So check what your card limit will look like and read the additional information carefully before selecting Continue.
  • Finally, enter your 4-digit password and enjoy the new credit limit on your Nubank Card!

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