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Abel Ferreira says he has not decided to leave Palmeiras and is focusing on the Brazilian title: “Speculation” |  Palm trees

Abel Ferreira says he has not decided to leave Palmeiras and is focusing on the Brazilian title: “Speculation” | Palm trees

Abel Ferreira would not have succeeded if he stayed in Palm trees Or if he leaves, after the 1-0 win over Fluminense, this Sunday. At the press conference, the coach only dealt with speculation that he had already decided to replace Verdau with Al Sadd of Qatar.

– I will not comment on speculation, you know how Brazilian football is. I’ve already said throughout the year, there’s a lot of speculation, and that’s normal. He said: “The most important thing is the most important match of the year. We want to clinch this title, because at the moment we are not champions and we really want to be.”

Abel Ferreira from Palmeiras x Fluminense – Photography: Marcos Riboli

When asked if he had already decided to leave at the end of the Brazilian League, the Portuguese denied this.

– I didn’t specify that, you know. They know what’s going on with me, that I have a contract. This is speculation.

Palmeiras 1 x 0 Fluminense | The best moments | Round 37 of the Brazilian Championship

Abel Ferreira has a contract until the end of 2024, but Al Sadd wants to sign him at the end of the Brazilian League, making the Portuguese one of the highest paid coaches in the world.

Hey Palm trees There is still no indication of the departure of the technical committee, and we are relying on it to plan for next year.

– In the first or second Copa Libertadores, I said that I would stop and reflect, as I do every year. I’ve said before that I’m fed up, and that’s not a lie. Is it difficult to play matches and travel every three days, to have Brazilian football entities insinuating that you are this or that, do they think this is easy? It’s three years, not three days. Every year, when I get to the end, I have a ready report on what I asked for the previous year, what happened and what I think the future of the club will be like. This report is ready for submission. It’s very stressful to be a coach in Brazilian football, but I’m not ungrateful.

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Having been in charge of Verdão for three years, Abel should win his ninth title with the club in midweek, a second successive Brazilian league title.

The team got off to a good start in the last ten rounds, after being 13 points behind leaders Botafogo. Tell the coach how the conversation went with the group at this time.

-I say two things. We were 14 points behind, 13 points behind. I told them that if they dropped the ball, I would be the first one to drop it. If I feel they are going to leave (the tournament), I will do it. This was the first. The second thing is that I told you: we have a chance to leave here, me as the best coach and you as the best players. These are the moments that can make us grow and come back better, and I think they understood what I meant.

– I didn’t feel like they started, but with 14 points behind them, the natural thing is to think there’s nothing left to do. I’ve also always said that we have an identity and a character, and this team has a history in this club. They were able to understand these two sentences, and that makes me proud.

-It’s not a team that can create posters or just highlight, and that’s what makes me proud. If this team took his jersey off, everyone would still know it was him Palm trees Play. Even without seeing the name (of the players). If you took everyone’s shirts off, no one would know who he is, but looking at the way he plays, you can tell he’s the better player. Palm trees. We have achieved an identity – we have strengthened it.

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