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Abel avoids commenting on Gabigol swap deal and says he is counting on Dodo at Palmeiras | Palmeiras

Abel avoids commenting on Gabigol swap deal and says he is counting on Dodo at Palmeiras | Palmeiras

Abel Ferreira from the press conference after Palmeiras’ 2-0 win over Bahia.

Coach Abel Ferreira was confused when asked about the possibility of a swap with Flamengo involving Dudu and Gabigol. The Alverde captain indicated that he still had Dudu in the squad, explaining that he chose not to play him in the match against Bahia on Sunday as a tactical option.

– I was aware of this issue (possible player change) before the game. But I will be consistent with what I said. I will not talk about speculation or soap operas. I have said many times that the issue of transfers is up to the board. Trains, wardrobe, clothes, with all due respect.

– Why didn’t Dudu come today? Because he wasn’t supposed to come on against Gremio, in this stadium, if I can call it a stadium, he played 20 or 25 minutes, and this is a stadium that generates fatigue. I count on all the players in Palm trees“I rely on Dodo,” he assured the commander.

Abel Ferreira in Palmeiras x Bahia – Photo: Marcos Riboli

The coach once again stressed the importance of all the players in his team and defended Rooney and his playing qualities. The striker scored the goal that completed the 2-0 win over Bahia, on Sunday at the Allianz Parque, in the 15th round of the Brazilian championship.

The coach played down the social media criticism, although he said fans had the right to express themselves however they wanted, stressing that he expected support from those who took to the pitch.

“My game has to be torn apart, going forward. Sometimes with the ball, sometimes without the ball. Did you see how the kid passed… I like strikers who support, but attack from the front. You can’t ask Rooney to do what Estevao does. They are different characteristics. If the people who criticize on social media are satisfied, then do it. A lot of strength. He gives everything on the pitch. “Sometimes he scores, sometimes he doesn’t,” Abel added.

Palmeiras vs Bahia – Best Moments

The coach stressed that no one gets a position in the team by name, and everyone must strive to earn their place.

– You have to adapt. Our team is in good shape. I will not change a team that is performing well. Whoever arrives has to conquer the place. I do not give anyone a shirt. The privileges that my players enjoy, they earn. We have a short team and these three reinforcements are coming to help us

– We have three very good full-backs, we will loan Garcia and keep Rocha, Mikey and Jay. – Coach’s guarantee.

With 30 points Palm trees The team advanced and was one point behind the leader Flamengo. The team will face Atletico GO next Thursday, at home, at 7:30 pm.

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