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A woman sleeps on the floor and has a guinea pig boom

A woman sleeps on the floor and has a guinea pig boom

Gara Sullivan, a 29-year-old man with a head of hair, was amazed when she woke up without being caught off guard and hugged her beloved pet at her Kentucky home. Connecting the dots, I quickly realized what had happened: the pet, a woman named Dixie, was chewing her hair.

Sullivan told the story last week in a video on TikTok that has already surpassed 8 million views. In the post, she explained that she got home drunk, after Thanksgiving dinner, and decided to sleep on her bedroom floor, hugging Dixie. When he woke up, the damage had already been done.

“I went into the living room and my hair was on the floor,” Sullivan told Kennedy News and Media. She said, “(Dixie) didn’t even swallow—I just left them there. I didn’t feel anything, I was completely exhausted. It was the night before Thanksgiving and I drank a lot.”

Ironically, little Dixie is a type of guinea pig that has practically no fur compared to the others. So the hairdresser joked that the animal ripped its bangs because it was ‘jealous’.

Sullivan has two other types of guinea pigs and says he keeps them both, because chewing is a habit of this species.

Even after the episode of chewy bangs, Dixie is the quietest of the bunch. “She sleeps a lot and doesn’t bite me. The other two have leeches and wouldn’t hesitate to bite you. Dixie is so cold – she only likes human hair!”

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