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A woman goes to the doctor and panics after discovering something stuck in her lung

A woman goes to the doctor and panics after discovering something stuck in her lung

A 29-year-old British woman was shocked when she realized that the hormonal implant she had in her left arm had migrated to her lung.

Rebecca Hardy shared on her social media that she chose to have the implant removed in March 2021, three years after it was inserted. However, the doctor was unable to locate the device on his body. Subsequent examinations revealed that the transplant had moved to the lung.

The doctor speculated that, perhaps during insertion or shortly after, the device might have entered a vein, passed through the right side of the heart, and then followed it through an artery to the lung.

The young woman was advised to leave the hormonal implant where it was, because removing it might lead to the rupture of the artery it was in.

“Since I haven't had any complications or difficulties over the past few years, I agreed to leave the implant where it is,” Rebecca said.

Rebecca said she was unable to feel the implant in her arm, but the clinic advised her not to worry. “I could never feel it in my left arm. As the years went by, the issue became more and more disturbing to me.”

After deciding to remove the implant, it took the young British woman a whole year to find out where it was. “Not only did I panic, but I had to wait weeks for CT scans and X-rays, and even longer to get the results,” he said.

Rebecca, a mother of two children, feared she would no longer be able to have children. However, she maintained her fertility, although it took nearly eight years for the hormones in her body to take their toll.

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