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A student is beaten with sports equipment and suffers a broken spine in Goiás – the countryside

A student is beaten with sports equipment and suffers a broken spine in Goiás – the countryside

Nursing technology Barbara Barbosa The support bench of 250 kg bodybuilding equipment was injured last Thursday (4) in a academy in Formosain Goiásin the area The perimeter of the federal district. The 29-year-old woman ended up with a broken spine.

According to the medical report issued by Formosa Regional HospitalThe academy student suffered trauma to the lumbar spine and thigh, and was transferred to the Governador Otavio Lag de Siqueira State Emergency Hospital (Hogul), in Goiania. According to Barbara Barbosa, she is still waiting for the exact medical report and the surgeon's evaluation before she can undergo surgery.

“Guys, I had to be admitted to the hospital. I suffered a fracture of my lumbar spine, second degree at L4 and L5, and I will need surgery. I ask everyone to pray. The moment is very sensitive and I am in shock,” the nursing technician described. Via social media. Information from the G1 portal.

According to the Goiás Fire Department, The support seat of the leg strengthening equipment came loose and hit Barbara's legs. She was taken to hospital in Formosa conscious and released from the hospital. The nursing technician returned to the health unit complaining of pain again. That's when doctors noticed injuries to his spine.

A similar case occurred in Ceara

In August 2023, a similar incident occurred with a student at a gym in Juazeiro do Norte, in the Kariri metropolitan area. At that time, a bar from a weight training equipment fell in the upper extremity and hit the shoulders and neck of 42-year-old Regilano da Silva, who sat down to rest.

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Tests showed a serious spinal injury, and he needed surgery. Neurosurgeon Ronaldo Ferreira, who is prosecuting the case, revealed that Regellano suffered spinal trauma, an injury resulting from a dislocation, which damaged the spinal cord.

After the operation, the 42-year-old began to recover. Although he is still in a wheelchair, Regalino da Silva has already started to take some steps. Since November last year, he has been undergoing special treatment at Sarah's network of rehabilitation hospitals in El Salvador.