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A public alert about PIX COLLECTION was issued today (06/27)

A public alert about PIX COLLECTION was issued today (06/27)

In 2020, the Central Bank (BC) launched an instant payment system that completely changed the lives of Brazilians. It comes with an extension pixWhich arrived shortly before, but made a real revolution in the ways of conducting financial transactions in the country.

Since its release, pix It began to be used more and more among Brazilians, and won the approval of the majority of the population, who had little to complain about the system.

By the way, the pix It is an instant payment method that consists of transactions of financial values ​​between accounts in a few seconds, at any time or day. This makes it fast and practical, not to mention that the system is also very secure.

All of these positive points helped the tool fall in favor of the Brazilians. Recently, however, Brazilians were surprised to announce that they would be taxed pix. Namely, banks can Charge transaction feesAnd this news made the Brazilians very worried.

In short, many people make conversions via pix Every day to buy products, pay bills or rent services. The practicality of the system is so great that Brazilians have greatly reduced the use of other payment methods, such as checks, the use of which has already fallen sharply in the country in recent times.

However, for fear of paying some fees, people started to think better about whether a pix This is really helpful. No one will want to pay fees to conduct financial transactions, especially since these procedures are done at no additional cost to citizens.

But will people have to pay to use it pix?

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Find out who doesn’t pay to use PIX

Since the news involving taxes from pix It started to spread on the internet, people got worried, and rightfully so. The question many ask is about paying these fees. Do Brazilians now have to pay a fee to make a transaction through them pix?

In the first place, it should be noted that the news about the payment of fees in cross-transactions pix Not new in the country. Although the news has become more intense recently, since last year it has been possible to find information on it.

This scenario may seem alarming, but the reality is much calmer than that. In short, there are cases where a pix It does have a fee, but that doesn’t happen to the majority of the population, who will continue to use the system without having to pay any fees.

On the other hand, some people will have to pay a fee to use the instant payments system, but this only affects a small part of the users. Incidentally, the suite is licensed by BC, the self-created system that created the pixThis is amazing.

It should be noted that the rules regarding the imposition of fees and the amounts applied in each case are determined by the financial institutions themselves. In any case, the only people who can make or receive transactions via pix freewithout having to pay any fees for this service, are:

  • individual;
  • small individual entrepreneurs (MEIs);
  • Individual Entrepreneurs (EIs).

When can PIX be charged?

Although some people were exempted from customs duties, this fact turned out to be only partial. This is due to cross transfers pix Fees will be charged if any of the following situations occur:

  • receipt of more than 30 PIX per month (that is, the fee will start from the 31st transaction);
  • use a face-to-face (including telephone) service channel, even if electronic means are available to effect the transaction via PIX;
  • PIX receipt through dynamic QR code;
  • Receipt of PIX through company QR code;
  • Receipt of PIX in an account exclusively for commercial use, which is defined in the contract.
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In addition, the legal entities You may have to pay a great deal to perform in exchange for getting pix. Namely, these types of transactions are characterized as a purchase situation, which is a factor that allows fees to be charged.

Major banks in the country charge a fee for transactions via PIX executed by PJs. (Photo: Daniel de Cerqueira/O Tempo).

Savings bank

Last June 20, Caixa Economica Federal announced the suspension of charging fees for online transactions pix. The decision is not final and will only be valid for a certain period until customers can adjust to this new tax rule in the future pixAccording to Caixa.

The procedure will begin on June 19, but agents have criticized the decision, as has President Luis Inacio Lola da Silva (PT). Therefore, the bank decided to suspend fees, giving customers time to enjoy a few more days of tax-free transfers.

Bank of Brazil

In the case of Banco do Brasil, legal entities (excluding MEIs and EIs) may be taxed on the occasions when such customers send pix By manual or key data pix.

It is also worth noting that BB limits the number of transfers per transfer pix In month. In short, the reward ranges from three to 20 pix per month, depending on the account. If the numbers exceed these values, the fees to be charged are:

  • For sending PIX: 0.99% of the amount sent (minimum R$1 and maximum R$10);
  • For receiving PIX: 0.99% of the amount received (maximum R$140).


Bradesco reports that it also collects fees from legal entities.As defined by Bacen (Central Bank)”. Prices are as follows:

  • For sending PIX: 1.4% of the amount sent (minimum R$1.65 and maximum R$9);
  • To receive PIX: 1.4% of the amount received (minimum R$0.90 and maximum R$145).
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Itaú Unibanco

Similarly, Bank Itaú Unibanco customers who are legal entities also pay a fee when using pix:

  • For sending PIX: 1.45% of the amount sent (minimum R$1.75 and maximum R$9.60);
  • To receive PIX: 1.3% of the amount received (minimum R$1 for a dynamic QR code and a maximum of R$150 for transactions in POS machines or a static QR code).


Santander also charges fees for legal entities. The amounts charged are as follows:

  • For sending PIX: 1.4% of the amount sent (minimum R$1.75 and maximum R$9.60);
  • To receive PIX via a static or dynamic QR code: 6.54% of the amount received;
  • To receive PIX via Checkout or GetNet: 1.4% of the amount received (minimum R$0.95).

Nubank and PagBank

Finally, the transfers were made via pix By legal entities that are clients of Nubank or PagBank free.