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A newspaper that monitors the strengths and weaknesses of Boca, Fluminense’s competitor in the final

A newspaper that monitors the strengths and weaknesses of Boca, Fluminense’s competitor in the final

Fluminense and Boca face each other on Saturday, at 5pm, at the Maracanã (Photo: Disclosure/Boca Juniors)

There is very little left. On this Saturday, Fluminense Boca Juniors decides the fate of Libertadores, at exactly five o’clock in the evening, at the Maracana Stadium. Keep an eye on the opponent’s tri-colour, Extra newspaper Identify and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the Argentine national team. Check out the car review below:

Strength: Defensive consistency

To get this far without winning knockout matches, Boca needed to put together a strong defensive system. Only three goals were conceded in the knockout stages, a mark that came as a result of volunteer work and team effort in scoring goals. Almiron’s team will not rely on suspended defender Rojo, which represents a major blow to the squad that sometimes includes five players in defence.

The coach values ​​the numerical superiority on the field, so he asks his players to close all possible passing lines in the defensive phase, which pollutes the vision of the ball owners and gives time to recover. This was how the sheer size of the game was handled Palm trees In the semi-finals.

The team usually defends itself with two lines of four players very close together, with the possibility of one of the attackers returning – with the exception of Cavani – increasing one of these lines to five athletes.

Weak point: Difficulty in mastering

By playing cautiously, Boca tends to wait for the opponent on their own field, taking advantage of constructive errors. Or steal a potential scoring surge, which should happen very rarely in a final.

This suggestion means that Argentines have very little experience in commanding and controlling advantages. Throughout the entire knockout stage, the team was only ahead in three time windows: four, then 28 minutes against Nacional-URU, in the round of 16; Later, in the biggest match, he spent 50 minutes in a 1-0 win over Palmeiras in the second match of the semi-final. Life for Jorge Almiron’s team has not been smooth sailing.

Strong point: Sergio Romero

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Sergio “Chiquito” Romero is Boca’s big name in the Copa Libertadores. His saves helped secure the three penalties leading up to the final. Moreover, it was also a wall where the ball rolled. There were 34 saves in the Libertadores, with an average of 3.79 goals avoided per game, according to Sofascore.

Revealed by Racing With two World Cups under his belt, the 36-year-old archer is experiencing one of the best moments of his career since returning from Europe last year, where he played for teams such as Monaco and Manchester United.

Weakness: Embezzlement and physical problems

In addition to the absence of Rojo, who was sent off against Palmeiras, Boca arrived in Rio suffering from some last-minute problems. Midfielder Benedetto and fullback/attacking midfielder Valentin Barco may not be fully fit. The former, who suffered a muscle injury in his left thigh, should start on the bench, as an option for Cavani.

Barco, one of the team’s most prominent talents, did not train in Argentina, but returned to football activities in training on Brazilian soil. Defender Valentini was also injured, suffering a shock to his left leg. At the beginning of last month, the team had already lost its striker, Exequiel Zeballos, who suffered a tear in the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee.

Strong point: boat, merinthal and plays from the flanks

It is precisely with these factors and in this order that Boca intends to strike Fluminense. When Jorge Almiron’s side advances, it bets meticulously on superiority and minimal passing errors. The intention in these moments will be to attract the three-colored sign with movement and touches in the middle until spaces appear in the corridors.

This is where Barco, the 19-year-old full-back turned midfielder (regarded as a jewel of Argentine football) and Martinil, an old acquaintance of Brazilian football, come in, diving down the wings and (or) running into the area. , waiting for passes or (mostly) long throws. When one of these plays works, there is a great chance that the final pass will reach Cavani, just as it did against Palmeiras.

Doubt: Cavani

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A striker of Edinson Cavani’s size and history can never be underestimated. But in a match that promises few chances for Boca, the Uruguayan’s influence and precision in attacking movements should be at an all-time high. So far, the 36-year-old has scored just three goals in 13 appearances for Zénizi: in addition to the semi-final, he has netted in the Copa Argentina and the League Cup. On the bright side for Boca, two of those goals have come in their last three games on the pitch.