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A new poster shows dragons on the MCU

A new poster shows dragons on the MCU

Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Coming and with it we’ll have big changes and additions in the MCU: In addition to the famously powerful episodes that give the movie the title, the movie will bring fantastic dragons to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now, the new poster for the project details the mythical creatures that we will see in the plot.

On the IMAX poster, the characters of the film appear in a crazy form. Under the watchful eyes mandarin, Shang-Chi lights up in the center, above the characters that will be featured in the movie.

But what stands out are the two creatures that surround humans. On the left we see a huge Chinese dragon in white with red accents, which in promotional materials is called a The great protector. On the right we have a darker figure with powerful wings and what appear to be tentacle-like tails.

Check out the poster below:

Shang-Chi’s new poster shows dragons on the MCU

Even if in the past Simo Liu They denied the rumors we were seeing Fang Foam fin, the famous Marvel dragon, the poster states that we will see members of his species, and Macluans, space dragons and mutants, who came to Earth with deceptive plans.

in the comics, Axon Car, a member of the McLuane family, has a very strong relationship with Mandarin and the Ten Rings. However, there is still no confirmation on which of the dragons in the film they will be and what their plot will be in the project.

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Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings He will appear as a new hero in the MCU, forced to confront the past and his family who have ties to the dangerous organization of the Ten Rings. In addition to Simu Liu as the hero, the cast is based on AwkwafinaAnd Michelle Yeoh |And Tim Roth NS Benedict Wong. direction from Destin Daniel Creighton. The film arrives in Brazilian cinemas in September 2.

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