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HBO Max adopts Banigai's 'The Bridge' reality format in Brazil

HBO Max adopts Banigai’s ‘The Bridge’ reality format in Brazil

US company HBO Max, owned by WarnerMedia, has ordered the release of a Brazilian version of the Banijay survival reality format. in Ponte.

Produced by WarnerMedia Latin America in partnership with Endemol Shine Brasil, the series was developed by Sergio Nakasone and executive produced by Paula Kirchner and Anouk Aaron, of WarnerMedia Latin America, and produced by Nani Freitas and Eduardo Gaspar, of Endemol Shine Brasil.

Rodrigo Giannto and Bruno Guerra will direct, with the series releasing exclusively on HBO Max.

Brazil Bridge The event will bring together a group of 14 famous people from the worlds of arts, sports and social media to compete for a big cash prize.

Secluded in nature, runners are challenged to build a 300m bridge to an island, where they will find their winnings. However, they only have 20 days to complete their mission and can only use what’s around them as building materials.

While they are building the bridge, they must forge alliances among themselves, because when they arrive on the island, a vote will be taken to decide who gets the prize, and the chosen participant will share the prize with his allies or not.

Presented by Morelo Rosa, the acclaimed cast will include Pepita, actress Danielle Winette, actor Fabio Beltrao, and model Swain Moreira, among others.

The format was originally created by Zeppelin, a Banijay Iberia company, with the series released under the title in Ponte In Spain, in 2017, on Movistar + # 0 channel, while the format was sold to M6 in France and Channel 4 in the UK.

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“HBO Max offers Brazil an unprecedented reality, unlike anything we’ve seen. We know how much Brazilians are passionate about this type of programming and how shaken they are and follow it at every moment,” said Thomas Yankelevich, Director of General Entertainment Content at WarnerMedia Latin America.

Brazil Bridge It has all the ingredients to win the admiration of the audience: a diverse crew, with names already known to the audience, challenges of coexistence, survival in the jungle and much more. “