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A new payment method has been released by Nubank

A new payment method has been released by Nubank

lately , Nubank I provided the option to add the physical or virtual card to Google Pay. Now, with this inclusion, it is possible to make payments by policy in businesses using a mobile device in compatible card devices. The job is available for both credit and debit purchases.

It’s worth noting, however, that fintech’s integration with Google Pay is gradually taking place, so it’s very likely that it takes time to get to your device. The new method will be adopted when a new icon indicating Google Pay appears in the digital bank app. To activate the new tool is very simple, just follow the steps step by step:

How to use Nubank for Google Pay

  • Access the Nubank app on your Android phone;
  • In the application, there will be a new Google Pay panel – click Register My Card;
  • Select the card to register (physical and / or virtual), and on the “Let’s open Google Pay to continue registering” screen, click “Continue”;
  • Enter the 4-digit password (used in hardware purchases), enter the card verification code (a three-digit code on the card) and your address, then click More and continue;
  • In the terms of the Issuer, click on “More” and on “Accept and Continue”;
  • Wait for the card to be registered to Google Pay and click OK.

Through this novelty enabled by Nubank, in addition to the ability for users to make payments by approaching the cell phone on the device that contains Google Pay, it will also be possible to make purchases on the most diverse sites and applications that provide the option to pay by the digital wallet. This way the acquisition will be more practical, as it will not be needed.

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Nubank releases a card for those who still do not have a bank

a Nubank Educating interested parties to launch a service that focuses on the audience that has nothing to do with other financial institutions (banks) and the group of negative people. This is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to obtain a fintech credit card.

The new proposal allows adding funds to citizens to make purchases in several establishments. The goal is to give customers an opportunity to build a positive track record with digital banking.