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A man wins the lottery after playing the same numbers for 20 years

A man wins the lottery after playing the same numbers for 20 years

Two men of the same age won the lottery in the same week in the United States

  • The case occurred in the United States, where another man of the same age won in the same week;

  • The guy stayed and studied the numbers of all the matching 5 bonus draws;

  • The others switched games and won his first attempt at Lucky For Life.

In the US a man has been playing the same numbers for 20 years Win the lottery jackpot of $50,000or R$250,000, in Bonus Match 5. The winner, aged 77, told the foundation’s employees that he reached the drawn number after spending years analyzing the results of the raffle.

“I remember the numbers and number combinations from some of the first 5 bonus draws they ever had. They just kept getting stuck in my head,” the player told lottery officials.

After using his number set for several years, he finally won after buying a ticket at Baltimore’s Long Gate Mobil gas station for the September 16 draw. The lucky guy claimed that he was watching TV when the winning numbers appeared on the screen.

He said, “I recognized them at once, all five!”

After realizing that he won, he said he called the lottery just to confirm the win. “I’ve had four matching numbers multiple times, but honestly, I never expected the five to get hit,” he said. With the money earned, he stated that he intended to Bought a new car.

In the same week, another 77-year-old man won another lottery game in the United States, this time in Michigan. The winner wins the Lucky For Life game, for which USD 390,000 (2 million R$) is paid one-time or annual installments of $25,000 (R$132,000) for 20 years.

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“I’ve never played Lucky For Life, but decided to try it out instead of Mega Millions or Powerball,” he said. “The next day, I received an email saying that I had won a prize. As soon as I logged into my lottery account and saw how much I had won, I was shocked.”

“I woke my wife to tell her the gospel, and I thought she was dreaming. It’s not a dream, but it sure seems to be!” She said.

Watson chose to receive his winnings as a one-time payment of $390,000. With money he plans to pay off his debts and then save the rest of the money.