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A man undergoes an operation to permanently change his eye color

A man undergoes an operation to permanently change his eye color

A man underwent an operation to permanently change the color of his eyes, and the process went viral on the Internet. Experts condemn the practice of changing eye color because of its numerous health risks.

Dr. Aleksandar Movcovich performed the operation and stated that it was safe. Other ophthalmologists disagree and claim that it can lead to health risks

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Optometrist Renan Ferreira Oliveira Explain how the procedure is done. “What this doctor does is a procedure called corneal pigmentation, which has begun to develop for cases where a person is completely blind. It is a procedure used when the cornea is at risk, and so that there is not too much eye that is aesthetically different from the other, it was done Developing this technique of corneal tattooing, where pigments are placed in the corneal tissue to look like a natural eye.He said in an interview with G1.

The page that posted the video belongs to the doctor Alexander MovchovichSpecialist from New York, USA. He confirmed that the procedure is safe and permanent.

look risks of this procedure For aesthetic purposes:

Eye infections.

Restriction of the patient’s visual field.

Photophobia develops.

Oliveira was highly critical of this action. “This procedure can reduce a patient’s visual field, and peripheral vision can be compromised. When you color the entire circumference of the cornea, you restrict a person’s visual field. Patients can develop photophobia. Light hits microchromosomes and they explode. Moreover, pigmentation of the cornea “It is completely irreversible. For me, this is an aberration. This is not a procedure approved by the Federal Council of Medicine.” advertiser.

Cesar Mota He is the director of the Brazilian Society of Ophthalmology (SBO) and stated that all techniques used to change eye color are not recommended for aesthetic purposes. “There are some ways you can change eye color artificially. You can’t do it the natural way. The main methods that exist are: artificial iris implantation, laser iris pigmentation and corneal pigmentation”explained.

for aesthetic purposes “No practice is indicated. They are all dangerous to the patient’s eye health”The ophthalmologist confirmed.

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