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A hacker shows the importance of turning off bluetooth at major events

A hacker shows the importance of turning off bluetooth at major events

With the constant use of mobile phones and the connection to the digital age we live in, these devices have become a real extension of our lives.

Migration of content to digital media has raised concerns about the security and privacy of data, which is usually present in smartphones. Lack of care with third-party access can lead to major problems, often without us even realizing the hacker’s infestation, because they happen silently.

Sometimes, the error that allows cybercriminals to enter is caused by the user himself, who leaves open applications, mobile phones without passwords and even with sharing options, such as bluetoothalways enabled.

It was the thought of this human error that prompted a hacker to give a practical lesson to all conference participants!

The event participants’ phones were hacked as an example of security

Photo: Alexi H/Shutterstock

Disabling bluetooth on our smartphones is not always as simple as it seems. One would think that simply turning it off would solve the problem, but it actually disables some functions, leaving others active and vulnerable.

When disabled in this way, your smartphone continues to search for devices to connect to. Even Apple products don’t escape this practice, like the AirPods and Apple TV, as well as services like AirTag and Find My.

This is exactly where hackers Find the necessary gap to infiltrate. This is how Jae Bochs, a researcher and hacker, managed to teach everyone a lesson at DEF CON in Las Vegas.

mass invasion

While the on-site attendees scattered, Bochs admirably demonstrated the danger of leaving Bluetooth on unnecessarily.

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Using a simple device priced at €70 (about R$370 in current direct transfer), Jay gained access to several iPhones, pretending to be an Apple TV.

Through other people’s Bluetooth, the hacker started a wave of notifications that reached all users’ phones. In these notifications, passwords and other private data were requested. While this certainly sounds criminal, even for example, Bochs explained that the app was prevented from receiving or saving input data.

How do you protect yourself from this type of attack?

You may be wondering: “How to disable the bluetooth of iPhoneThe answer is simpler than it seems. Instead of using the Control Center, follow these steps:

the first – Access your iPhone’s Settings from the gear icon.

the second – Go to the “Bluetooth” option;

3 – Disable it from this screen so it doesn’t go to sleep.