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A family finds Viking treasure in their backyard in Norway

A family finds Viking treasure in their backyard in Norway

When a Norwegian family used a metal detector to search for a lost gold earring in the backyard of their home on the island of Gomvroland, they made a surprising discovery: a nearly 1,200-year-old Viking treasure buried there. The unexpected discovery was released by Vestfold and Telemark County Cultural Heritage in Norway on September 25 via Facebook.

The treasure, consisting of a well-preserved bowl-shaped clip and another object matching in date and style, was found once the Asvik family activated a metal detector in their backyard. It is believed that the site where the artefacts were found may have been a woman’s grave, dating back to approximately the ninth century.

According to information from Galileo magazine, the Viking artifacts were discovered after a sign was discovered under a large tree behind the Asvik family home. This discovery may be the first evidence of the presence of Vikings (793 to 1066 AD) on the island of Gomfroland.

Previously, piles of loose rocks were known as “Moldros” It has been found in southwestern Gomfroland, but historical records do not mention people on the Norwegian island in the Viking Age. The new discovery suggests that Vikings may have made these mounds.


The brooches found in the family’s backyard are made of bronze and feature engravings of animals and geometric patterns with traces of gold. The archaeologist responsible for this case Vibeki LeahShe explained that these brooches were worn by women on belted dresses, usually in pairs, one for each belt of the dress.