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A dog stands next to an autistic teacher during childbirth: “A special memory” – RPet

A dog stands next to an autistic teacher during childbirth: “A special memory” – RPet

Bill did not abandon teacher Amy and little Ollie, who had just arrived in the world
Facebook/Amy Tomkins

a Little female dog Bill has been given a very special mission: to stand by him from your guardian, Briton Ames Tomkins, throughout the labor period, which took place at Milton Keynes University Hospital, on the outskirts of London. According to the Milton Keynes Citizen Portal, Tomkins suffers from autism, has a long history of anxiety and panic attacks and counts. The bitch helps to keep calm.

Belle is a 2-year-old Staffordshire terrier who is an assistance dog – that is, when she notices her owner is agitated, she will lie down next to her to provide support. Also according to MK Citizen, little dog He was present from the ambulance to the room where the caesarean section that brought little Ollie into the world took place. From the pictures it can be seen that the baby also acquired a faithful companion from the first minutes of his life!

Ames shared pictures of the birth on her Facebook page: “The most beautiful moment of my life. My sweet girl who opened the world to me, meeting my son. More than a special memory!” He wrote in a comment on one of the photos.

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According to the New York Post, the idea to authorize Belle to stay in the hospital came from Doula who accompanied Amee’s pregnancy and noted the dog’s positive impact on her mental health.

To Citizen, Amy said she wouldn’t have had the confidence to become a mother if it wasn’t for Bill. “She opened a whole world for me, allowed me to become a mother, and I owe her a lot,” he admitted.

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In addition to the moment of birth, the dog was allowed to accompany its owner to every midwife appointment, ultrasound and hospital visit during a difficult pregnancy, which was accompanied by gallstones and pancreatitis.

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