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A "brave" rat faces two handles when attacked on a residential street

A “brave” rat faces two handles when attacked on a residential street

The mouse counterattacked after being ambushed and managed to escape from two magpies, the birds of the family. Corvidaas shown in the video recorded by a resident of the city Stoke-on-Trent, in England. In the photos recorded on Friday (11) by Sharon DringThe 65-year-old rodent appeared for more than a minute trying to escape from the birds.

The fight between the animals starts on the sidewalk, but in an attempt to escape from the predators, the mouse runs across the street. However, birds track their prey. You could see the mouse at a disadvantage leaping through the air towards the birds to try to fend off the attacks, but the magpies quickly managed to dodge and get back to pecking at the rodents.

According to the British newspaper The Mirror, the battle ended when the birds gave up and flew away, allowing the mouse to escape. “They stopped fighting when someone left the house,” he said. “The magpies gave up and flew away and the mouse ran away.” Sharon🇧🇷

It also commented on the rodent’s survival instinct. The woman commented, “The mouse was determined to fight for its life. If they kept clicking on it, they would kill it, but it was a very brave mouse.” She claimed that her husband had warned her about the rat attack. The man had spotted the situation when he came home for lunch.

“I felt so sorry for the mouse, I do not like of rats, but the attack of two magpies is not what you want, ”concluded the registry official.

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Watch the video of the animal fight below: