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“99% chance Gabigol will play for Palmeiras,” says journalist

“99% chance Gabigol will play for Palmeiras,” says journalist

According to ESPN journalist Marcela Rafael, Gabigol is close to signing for Palmeiras.

It is no secret that Gabigol’s time at Flamengo is coming to an end. However, the player’s fate remains uncertain. However, new information shook fans on Tuesday (02) about where the number 99 in red and black will play. According to journalist Marcela Rafael, of ESPN channels, the striker “Chance to play for Palmeiras 99%

According to the broadcaster, there are only a few details left in the agreement between the Palmeiras and Flamengo boards. However, Marcela did not mention whether the agreement is immediate or until 2025. After all, Gabigol has a contract with Ruber Negro until December 2024.

After the victory over Cruzeiro, on Sunday (30), the vice president of Flamengo Football, Marcos Braz, confirmed that Gabigol will only leave in the middle of the year if there is financial compensation. In contrast, the technical director confirmed that renewing the contract is very difficult.

The proposal was rejected.

Flamengo offered Gabigol a new contract with a 50% salary increase, but it was valid until December 2025. The striker’s staff did not like the short duration proposed by the club and rejected it. The plan for the number 99 was to sign for five seasons, then end his career later in Ruber Negro.

What does Palmeiras think?

Palmeiras coach, Abel Ferreira, was asked on Monday (01) about Gabigol. After the victory over CorinthFor the Brazilian, the coach has put the onus on club president Leila Pereira. However, the Portuguese has internally confirmed to the board that he wants to count on the Flamengo player.

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She (Leila Pereira) knows what I think. I’m not talking about players from other clubs, that’s not my problem. I’m very happy with what we have here, I don’t expect more reinforcements. Especially since reinforcements cost a lot of money, but I also told Leila publicly not to sell Luis, Estevao and Endrick, and she did that He said with a smile.

Away from flamingo

After meeting with Gabigol’s manager, Junior Pedroso, saying that he was looking for a new club for the athlete, Flamengo decided not to include the player anymore. In this way, the striker was left on the bench against Cruzeiro. Furthermore, the recommendation continued for the next round of the Brazilian League, against Atlético MG, in Minas Gerais. With Pedro and Carlinhos as options, the Mingao Played on Wednesday (03), at Arena MRV, at 9:30 p.m. (Brasilia time).