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5 common mistakes everyone makes with their car

5 common mistakes everyone makes with their car

There are some car care myths that many people follow and end up making serious mistakes. Check out 5 habits you need to stop doing with your car right now.

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1 – Full coolant level with plain water

The cooling system is really important to the health of your car’s engine. Without the proper fluid for this, the machine can overheat and cause a series of problems, even melting the engine.

There is a specific fluid that goes into the radiator reservoir and you cannot use tap water for this, as it can corrode your vehicle over time.

2- Leave your foot on the clutch pedal in the car

If you are used to leaving the pedal on the clutch foot, know that this is a classic mistake. This causes the part to wear out quickly and can cause further damage to the vehicle.

Anyone who drives knows that there is a perfect comfort part right next to the pedal. Get rid of the habit of leaving your foot on the clutch as this will save you money and avoid headaches over time.

3 – Install the hitch on the car

Although many people think that it is a safety component of the car and that it prevents damage in accidents, the truth is quite the opposite.

In the event that the obstruction is not normal from your car factory, you should not install it, because it can aggravate the damage in various situations. When colliding with the installed hitch, the vehicle can suffer serious structural damage.

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4- Driving with neutrality when getting off

In the past, many people said it was best to drive “toothless”, i.e. leave it in a neutral position when landing. The goal was to save fuelbecause the car cuts off fluid injection into the engine when it was in neutral.

However, cars have long left the factory with an “electric fuel interrupter” that turns on when the car stops accelerating. Just don’t rush to save gasoline or ethanol. In addition, leaving the car in neutral can damage several parts.

5 – across the spine diagonally

You must have seen some drivers get through speed bumps while playing trolley to the side. The impression is that they avoid some obstacles. In fact, this is done to try to reduce the impact on the car.

However, the effect of driving in this way is quite the opposite. Whenever you cross the speed bump diagonally, you completely strain the body of the car. Over time, you risk bending some very important pieces of steel. If this happens, it is better to buy a new car than to repair the defect.