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5 cars (approximately) that no one calls by their proper names

5 cars (approximately) that no one calls by their proper names

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When choosing car names, manufacturers always think about something poignant that sticks in people’s minds. But, often times, the baptism chosen is not exactly the one that lasts. Therefore, some specific versions become the name by which the car is known or even a nickname.

So, here in this list we have collected five cars whose official names are rarely used by people outside the automakers. For the general public and even journalism professionals, the unofficial names are the real names of these models. paying off.

Mini Cooper

Mini Cooper [divulgação]

I doubt you’ll find anyone on planet Earth calling this car a Mini Hatch, other than those who work at Mini or BMW. But that’s the official name of what everyone knows as the Mini Cooper. The fact is that Cooper is one of several versions of the British model. Someone makes matters worse and calls it Mr. Bean’s car.

What’s even more curious is that other Mini models have Cooper versions, as is the case with the Countryman which is sold in the Cooper SE hybrid version, the problem being the John Cooper Works version, making the hatch unofficially called the Mini Cooper John Cooper Works. Cooper twice as much as the Honda HR-V EXL Honda Sensing and my Honda.

Volkswagen Z do Caixau

Volkswagen Z do Caixau [divulgação]
Volkswagen Z do Caixau [divulgação]

Officially, the model name is Volkswagen 1,600 (at the time it was still pronounced “milliseiscentos” and not “one thousand six hundred”), but everyone knows it as the Zé do Caixão. The nickname has caught on so well that even Volkswagen calls it by this name nowadays when referring to the historic model.

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The nickname given to the sedan is due to the presence of four doors, chrome door handles and a boxy appearance. Brazilians are accustomed to buying two-door cars and judging models with extra doors like taxi drivers. To make matters worse, they linked him to a dead man’s coffin and since the Zé do Caixão character was a huge hit, the Brazilian quickly linked one thing to another.

Land Rover Range Rover Vogue

Land Rover Range Rover [divulgação]
Land Rover Range Rover [divulgação]

Unlike some cases where the name is shortened or a nomenclature is adopted to simplify the situation, the Brazilians decided to add an extra point to the Range Rover. The most expensive and sophisticated Land Rover model is called the Range Rover, but most refer to it as the Range Rover Vogue.

This was due to Land Rover’s strategy of turning the Range Rover into a model line. Since the original SUV had a Vogue version, which was very popular, the moniker stuck. Thus, today’s Range Rover line consists of the Evoque, Velar, Sport, and Vogue.

Mazda Miata

Mazda MX-5 Miata [divulgação]
Mazda MX-5 Miata [divulgação]

The official name of the Japanese sports car around the world is Mazda MX-5. In the US it is still called the MX-5 Miata. But how does everyone refer to him? Just like a Mazda Miata. There is even an English abbreviation for the model name that says with each letter of its name, Miata is always the answer (Miata is always the answer in Portuguese).

It is worth noting that the Mazda Miata is in its fourth generation, and is being developed in partnership with Fiat. The Italian brand helped develop the 124 Spider, which was also sold in the Abarth version. Fiat has been discontinued, while Mazda is preparing to have a new generation soon – perhaps the last non-electric one.

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Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen Beetle [divulgação]

Unlike Zé do Caixão, which never became an official name, Fusca became the baptism of the beetle after great insistence from the Brazilian. Officially called the Type 1 or sedan, Volkswagen’s most popular model became the Beetle here because many people couldn’t pronounce the German brand’s name correctly.

For those wondering where the name Beetle came from, it simply came from Volkswagen and was pronounced incorrectly. The baptism only became official in the final years of the original model, but is back stamped on the back cover of the third generation. In this model, Volkswagen decided to adopt the car’s moniker in each country in which it was sold as the official name.

What other car is called by the wrong name? Tell us in the comments.

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