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4 secrets that not all iPhone owners know to save battery

4 secrets that not all iPhone owners know to save battery

Running out of battery is a common fear among iPhone users, especially when the device needs to be available for daily tasks. However, there are simple tricks that can significantly extend your iPhone’s battery life without compromising functionality.

Activate low power mode

One of the most effective battery saving features is Low Power Mode. By reducing screen brightness and disabling system animations, this mode can extend your iPhone’s charge. It activates automatically when the battery capacity reaches 20%, but you can also activate it manually in Settings > Battery.

Intelligently adjust screen brightness

The screen is one of the main consumers of battery. Adjusting the brightness according to the ambient light or activating the automatic brightness mode can significantly reduce power consumption. Configure this in Settings > Accessibility > Automatic brightness.

Manage mobile data usage

Constant use of mobile data, especially in areas with weak signal, can quickly drain the battery. Whenever possible, use Wi-Fi and disable mobile data in Settings to save power. If you don’t need your cell phone for a while, turning on Airplane Mode can also be an effective temporary solution.

Configure automatic screen lock

Leaving your iPhone screen when not in use consumes unnecessary power. Setting auto-lock to the shortest possible period of time, such as 30 seconds, helps conserve battery power. Adjust this setting in Settings > Display & brightness > Auto-lock.

By following these simple tips, you can extend your iPhone’s battery life and avoid the frustration of running out of charge at the most crucial moment. Incorporating these habits into your daily life not only saves energy but also improves the efficiency of your mobile device.

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