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3 horrors in the family is everything

3 horrors in the family is everything

Jupiter (Thiago Martinez) is really goofy. Your complex nature will be more vulnerable When it creates a lot of confusion after overhearing a conversation in it Family is everything.

Is this nature? Thiago Martinez You will hear a conversation in it Lupita (Daphne Pozaski) reveals that she discovered that her grandfather suffers from a tumor.

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Clumsy, protagonist Family is everything Will confuses what he heard, thinking that the secretary herself is sick, leaving him very shaken.

“I looked in the internet translator, a tumor is a tumor in Portuguese and Spanish.”It will be guaranteed according to the information received from the Soap Opera summary portal.

In Pryor's eyes, Daniel says he thinks he won't be nominated for the wall by the Commander

Marcus Mion runs A Casa.  (Image: Disclosure)

The new season of A Casa will feature former participants

the home

It monitors the recording of “A Casa” and makes a “secured copy” of the international format

“Lupita has cancer, Marita! And I want to know if she has a chance of getting out of this.”He will say as he leaves Marietta Cristina Pereira is suspicious.

Jupiter (Tiago Martins) and Lupita (Daphne Buzaski) in the movie Family is Everything (Photo: Reproduction / Globo)
Jupiter (Tiago Martins) and Lupita (Daphne Buzaski) in the movie Family is Everything (Photo: Reproduction / Globo)

Will the villain be punished?

actually Polina (Lucy Ramos) will end up breaking her face when she sees his plan to break up Venus (Natalia Dell) and Tone (Renato Joyce) gets lost in the scenes scheduled to be broadcast on Wednesday (24).

The proof of this is that the spouses are the protagonists of the novel You will be more united after what happened pudding (Antonio Caramelo), so much so that a character Renato Joyce He got a request from his lover to marry him in the novel he wrote Daniel Ortiz.

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“Tom only lets you take care of our children once and look what happened! Pudding could have died because of you! You were negligent and irresponsible! If Tom decides to stay with you after what you did, that's his problem. But I won't let you anywhere near my children anymore!”The villain will shoot.

However, the entire show will not work and the heroes of the seven o'clock series Earth You will become increasingly closer in Family is everything.

Tom (Renato Joyce), Paulina (Lucy Ramos) and Venus (Natalia Dell) in Família É Tudo (Photo: Reproduction / Globo)
Tom (Renato Joyce), Paulina (Lucy Ramos) and Venus (Natalia Dell) in Família É Tudo (Photo: Reproduction / Globo)

What will happen in this Wednesday (24) chapter in the Everything Family?

Jessica hides her annoyance at Elektra's distrust. Tom scolds Paulina. Andromeda and Chicao are saved when she tries to declare herself to him. Lupita finds Jupiter's behavior strange. Elektra is surprised with a welcome party upon her arrival at the palace.

Pluto apologizes to Elektra. Hans criticizes Jessica for helping free his cousin. Jupiter invites Lupita to travel. Venus is affected when she learns of Lupita's supposed illness. Chicao is unable to get Andromeda to announce herself again. Pluto meets Nicole. Mila takes back the recording she made against Hans and threatens him.

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