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Arthur Aguiar Globo

Arthur Aguiar opened up about the game’s contract with TV Globo after BBB22; Know the details

We will have more than Arthur Agyar at Globo TV? After the actress won “BBB 22”, Rumors spread that his contract with Carioca Station was to expire without renewal. However, on Monday (2), the former rebel spoke out about the case.

Arthur clarified the situation in a statement to Gossip do Dia’s Instagram profile, indicating that he is still an employee of the channel. “So my team sent me the news this morning, but it is not true. My contract with Globo is still valid, everything is fine and going well! I appreciate your consideration of seeking to establish the facts”announced.

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However, the singer did not provide more details about this partnership with Globo. What is known is that shortly after the reality show, he actually made it clear that he now wanted to invest in his music career. But will there be any room left for him to return to the small screens?

In recent days, there have also been numerous speculations about an alleged documentary of Globoplay With the latest “Big Brother” hero. But Myra Cardi He broke the silence on the topic and explained this story. “There was no time, on my part, on our part, an agreement with them because I still couldn’t stop to look at every opportunity there was. Thank God Arthur has countless wonderful opportunities. And we haven’t been able to look at all of them. What we have, everything we will and will not do. We didn’t say ‘no’ to anything, but we didn’t say ‘yes’ to anything.The influencer said.

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Arthur’s wife also denied rumors of a production cancellation. “Maybe that’s why this gossip came up that we canceled it and we won’t. [o documentário]. In fact, we couldn’t even answer them. That’s it, nothing was canceled, no “yes” was said and simply no “no” was said.mentioned. Watch:

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