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21.17% of the Brazilian population was vaccinated with the first dose against COVID-19 – Health

The number of people Vaccinate With at least one dose against Covid-19 In Brazil, this Friday the 28th, it reached 44827770, which is equivalent to 21.17% of the total population. In the past 24 hours, 891,763 people received the first dose of the vaccine, according to data compiled by the Press Vehicles Association of 26 state and Federal District secretariats.

Of the more than 44 million vaccines, 21.9 million received a second dose, which represents 10.37% of the population with full immunization against the emerging coronavirus. In the past 24 hours, 319,669 people have received this booster dose. By adding the first and second doses of vaccines applied, Brazil gave 1.21 million doses on Friday.

In relative terms, the Mato Grosso do Sol It’s the Rio Grande do Sul The countries that have vaccinated most of the population so far: 27.83% and 27.04% of the population received at least the first dose. The lowest percentage is found at RWaved12.81% received the vaccine. In absolute terms, the largest number of those vaccinated with the first dose was in São Paulo (11.2 million), followed by Minas Gerais (4.77 million) and Rio de Janeiro (3.37 million).

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