LHS Receives 2010 Global Classroom Award

by Free Speech on December 23, 2009

Lodi, WI~

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Lodi, WI

The following is the application letter written by Lodi High School Principal Laura Love, as well the award letter from GCA.

October 18, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

Lodi High School may be a small, rural school with a fairly homogeneous student body, but we are helping students see the world.  Through our inviting atmosphere for foreign exchange students, our two sister school exchange projects, and through our intense International Education Week we are igniting a spark for many of our kids to become active citizens of our global community.

We have welcomed many students from a wide array of countries to LHS in the past several years.  While the number of students here for the whole year has varied from one to six at one time, students have visited from Turkey, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Poland, Germany, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, and Jordan, among others.

Each year, a handful of our teachers have applied to get into World Languages Day at the University, and some years they haven’t drawn our number.  Three years ago, we decided to create our own series of events, we now call International Education Week (IEW), in order to broaden the perspective of all students at Lodi High School.  This week begins with a keynote speaker to the whole school who is a globally active citizen; for example, this year’s keynote comes from Mr. Chip Duncan, head of Relief International, photographer and author of Enough to Go Around.  We follow the keynote with an international film festival, a festival of speakers and a cultural performance, over a five-day period.  Moreover, teachers work to integrate global concepts into their curricula beginning a few weeks in advance of IEW.

Tangential to International Education Week and to get students really thinking about global travel, we initiated two sister school exchange programs in the past two years.  We have been hosting 10-12 students from Hessen, Germany, every other year and sending as many of our students there on opposite years.  We also sent nine students to Suphanburi, Thailand, last year and are now hosting ten students from there at the present time.  Each of these school exchanges is accompanied by basic language and cultural instruction before we send students abroad.  Three staff members have traveled with the students on each trip and then brought many lessons back to share with others.  Upon return, our student-teacher teams have educated the student body, the entire community and citizens in the surrounding area on their experiences in person and through interactive blogs.  Finally, we are in the planning stages of having language courses taught from our sister schools over Skype beginning this school year.

The diversity this has brought to our small, almost completely homogeneous school, has been incredible.  While we are only in our third year of International Education Week and Sister School Exchange Programming, many other activities have begun as a result.  Students have been asking for trips to be taken through other programs—to Costa Rica, to London and Paris, to Greece and Italy.  Our board of education and community have been very supportive, and we see the trend growing!

And here is the GCA letter announcing the award.

December 22, 2009

Ms. Laura H. Love, Principal
Lodi High School
1100 Sauk Street
Lodi, Wisconsin 53555

Dear Ms. Love,

The Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET) is pleased to announce your school as one of two winners in our 2010 Global Classroom Awards program! This award recognizes your active commitment to the goals of international youth exchange and your use of these programs to enhance your local school community. We at CSIET applaud your accomplishments and expect that your school will serve as a model for others.

CSIET’s mission is to promote international youth exchange. We would like to applaud you and your colleagues for their valuable contribution and leadership in international student exchanges.

The awards will be given out in person to a representative of your school during the 2010 National School Conference on International Youth Exchange in Charlotte, North Carolina, February 19-20, 2010. All winners must be present to receive the award. Each winner will receive airfare, one night’s accommodation and free registration for the conference for one representative from the school. Additionally, your school will receive a $500 scholarship for one of your students to study abroad or equivalent funds to be put toward increasing school-wide international awareness.

CSIET, Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools, and the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction have come together to sponsor this first of its kind conference to provide a forum on a wide range of topics related to international youth exchange.

Additionally, we will recognize the names of two Honorable Mentions by publishing the name of each school on our website. The winning schools and honorable mentions will be posted on the CSIET website by the December 24, 2009.

Again, congratulations on winning this award and for promoting international youth exchange programming. Lindsay Poehlman on our staff will be contacting you directly to provide more details and answer any questions.


John O. Hishmeh
Executive Director

212 South Henry Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314 · (703) 739-9050 · FAX (703) 739-9035
E-mail: mailbox@csiet.org Web address: www.csiet.org

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