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Young goes viral on the Internet after discovering a crush’s “betrayal” through reaction roving; The boy said he was watching the Olympics – check it out!

Guys, US spy agencies need to hire this woman! Kkkk on Saturday (24), a young woman living in Miami, known as Megan Marie, diffuse number tik tok After discovering that she has been overtaken by one of her “little contacts”. The boy was “missing” the girl who says he was watching the Olympics with his friends, but was actually in the company of another woman…

In the video, which has already garnered nearly three million views, Megan explained that she sent a message to her lover asking: “Hello, what are you doing?”. The boy responded with an image from the TV that it was possible to watch the transmission of some form of the 2020 Olympics. “Watching the Olympics with the guys, see you tomorrow”, answered.

“I have [a palavra] “Idiot” written on the forehead?! “, asked the tiktoker in the caption. The young woman noticed that in the mirror on the TV shelf it was possible to see someone’s legs, and from her delicate appearance, they were definitely women. In addition, on the coffee table it was possible to see a glass of wine and another glass of liquor. To get rid of her theory that the boy was in the other’s house, she concentrated on decorating the room with flower arrangements and fashion books. Enola Holmes, is that you?! hahahahaha

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At first, netizens thought that her boyfriend had cheated on her, and they immediately tried to tell it in the comments. Sorry, you are dealing with a betrayal. Young woman advised. “If you are looking for a lot, you may not trust it yet”, another suspected profile. He didn’t even hide it.iii, amused.

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But on Monday (26), the American recorded a new video, which now provides more details about the story. The man in question is not her boyfriend, but a “little connection” she’s been talking to for several days after they met on an app. According to Meghan, the comment on “being with the guys” was a joke, and after receiving the photo, she praised the decoration and hit back with a crush: “Is he there [a dona] he said “thank you”. “It’s not a piece of bullshit like everyone else says,” The girl finished adding that the two were dating and enjoying the fallout. I would like to say already the anthem of Gustavo Mioto, one does not betray!

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