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Why not the “Barbie Girl” song in the Barbie movie?

Why not the “Barbie Girl” song in the Barbie movie?

Find out why the 1997 hit Aqua compilation will no longer be part of the Barbie soundtrack

It was launched on March 9, 1959. Barbieis the doll that I created Ruth that it Elliott handler, The co-founders of the Mattel toy factory, which is no longer just a part of children’s toys to include their images in T-shirts, collectibles, films, drawings and even songs, the most famous of which is “Barbie Girl”, hit the Danish quartet Aqua.

The song, released in 1997, is part of the group’s debut album, “Aquarium,” which, according to G1, has sold over 15 million copies. In addition, “Barbie Girl” has become one of the most played songs in Brazil, even winning a Portuguese version with vocalist Kelly Key’s “Sou a Barbie Girl” in 2005.

Despite the song’s popularity, “Barbie Girl” will not be appearing in the Barbie live show, the production that premieres on July 20 of this month. Margot Robbie As the traditional version of the world’s most popular doll and Ryan Gosling Like her Ken doll boyfriend – but why is that?

After the chronology of the facts, with the movie confirmed to be bringing the doll in a human version, fans began to wonder if the famous song would appear in the feature, and received the answer in April 2022, when Ulrich Müller JorgensenAqua Singer Director, Lynn NystromHowever, according to Variety magazine, the track will not be part of the soundtrack used in the plot. At the time, the film’s production company, Warner Bros. No comment on this claim.

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The choice not to include “Barbie Girl” in Barbieland in theaters may be related to the dispute between them Mattel and Aqua group. As explained diverseWhen the song was released, the company sued MCA Records (now part of Universal Music), which distributed the song in the United States, alleging trademark infringement.

Legal action was prompted, as the song by that time had sold over 1.4 million copies in the US and topped the UK Singles Charts for four weeks which prompted Mattel to be concerned about the doll’s image and reputation due to the song’s suggestive lyrics.

The company’s concerns and discontent can be seen in the lawsuit filing, with Mattel describing the song as featuring “a decadent Barbie doll singing in a flirtatious tone” and “the lecherous Ken doll responding ‘Kiss me here, touch me there'”, in addition to the reservation to the clip where “the video features a Ken doll She rips Barbie doll by pulling her arm.”

MCA Records, however, defended the allegations by stating that the song was a First Amendment-protected parody, as well as filing their own defamation lawsuit over statements made by a Mattel spokesperson during the lawsuit.

Even if we find the lyrics acceptable, we will file this lawsuit because the song was published and distributed without our permission and certainly without our notice,” the spokesperson said. Own business is neither flashy nor fun. It’s theft.”

The US District Court in California denied the mutual allegations, declaring that Mattel’s “statements were unenforceable exaggerations” and that the song was a parody “mocking them and the plastic values ​​they stand for”.

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However, on social media, fans did not fully accept the decision not to include the song in the movie and insisted that the song be in the movie. In addition to them, Barbie’s own interpreter, Margot RobbieHe also saw the need for music in the soundtrack, the actress revealed in an interview with Rolling Stone (via Screenrant).

I was like, Greta, how are we going to incorporate this song? We can’t make a Barbie movie and we don’t have a reference to Aqua Barbie Girl. Robbie said.

Shortly thereafter, Maggot Explain that Greta Gerwig, the plot director, was also willing to include the song. “And [Greta] He said, “Don’t worry, we’ll find a legal way to include it.” And then when she said, “Guess who’s going to do a remix of ‘Barbie Girl’ for Aqua?” Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice, I was like, ‘Together? You’re kidding?!’ I immediately knew all my friends would freak out.”

With that, and although the original song was not included, a remix of Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” was released on June 23, where Nicki Minaj that it condiment ice The voice of “Barbie World”. He remembers!