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What is ANONYMOUS Mode and how to activate it

What is ANONYMOUS Mode and how to activate it

Nowadays, technological advances have allowed the development of many applications that facilitate the daily lives of Brazilians. Nowadays, it has become easier to communicate with other people in a few clicks, since there are messaging applications, such as WhatsApp, for example, that allow you to send text messages, exchange photos and videos, and make calls, among other functions..

WhatsApp is an app associated with Meta, which also owns other social media giants, such as Instagram and Facebook.

However, WhatsApp is one of the most used apps in Brazil, at least, that’s what it reveals A survey by Infobip, a communications platform jointly developed with a news site called Mobile Time and opinion firm Opinion Box. This partnership has been responsible for the presence of WhatsApp on about 99% of mobile phones throughout Brazil.

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Incognito mode in WhatsApp

First of all, it is worth noting that the incognito mode of WhatsApp is nothing more than a feature that helps increase the privacy of the users of the messaging app. Privacy on social networks has been an issue that has become more and more frequent, as many people may feel pressured to respond to others once messages are sent, as others will know when a user is online.

However, this changes with the anonymous mode: now, the user can enjoy the features of the app without the other person knowing that they are online. In addition, it is also possible to take advantage of features that help keep conversations “hidden”, that is, make conversations more difficult to find.

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To use this mode, go to Conversations, swipe the conversation you want to keep as “secret” to the left, and tap Archive. To ensure that the conversation remains archived, go to Settings in WhatsApp and select the Chats option and then Keep Archived Chats.

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Functions already available from the application

For those who still want more privacy, in 2022 WhatsApp launched the function of removing “Internet” from the profile. The tool helps people who want more privacy, for that, you just need to login to your account and select privacy, then go to last seen and choose to deactivate online.

Another tool is already available too, leaving groups in silence. It is not necessary to activate any new functionality, as this feature has been available in updates since 2022. This way, users can leave the groups and communities they want, without other participants seeing a notice about leaving, and only the administrators in charge may receive a notification alerting them to it.

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