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What are the most urgent changes in the Atlantic Ocean?  responds coca

What are the most urgent changes in the Atlantic Ocean? responds coca

Photo: Pedro Sousa/Atlético

Coca vs Atlético with a strong defense, but waiting for the attack to develop

The team is still strong, but the football presented by Atlético fell clearly under the leadership of coach “Al-Turku” Mohamed. What are the most urgent changes in team behavior? Whoever answered the question was the newly appointed Koca, who was formally introduced by Gallo on Tuesday (26).

Who left and who arrived in the period without coca in the Atlantic Ocean

Coca believes that Atletico’s most obvious need is the development of offensive performance. In coach evaluation, tactical balance is directly responsible for good results.

“Game after game. Today the roosters have a strong defense, second or third best, if I’m not mistaken. We can improve a little up front, but we’ll look for balance. When you look for that, you come close to good results. Sunday (against Corinthians) was a game. Fantastic. The team had the opportunity to score the second goal and it ended, because they played with another great team with great players. This all needs to be taken into account,” he analyzed.

“In the midst of these competitions, I have three or four free weeks. They are necessary for work. Without time, they are converted into videos. In different practice, you stop, correct, arrange as you like. Ideas for creating a very consistent team.”

What is the deadline for changes in Atlético?

In 2021, at the start of the season, Coca asked for ten days of “patience” from Atlético fans so that the team could operate the way it wanted – and they did. In his third spell at Gallo, the coach prefers not to set a deadline, but believes he has an “advantage” because he already knows the characteristics of 80% of the team.

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“I don’t have a deadline for how long it will be, because I don’t know what we’re going to give in the first match. Let’s wait. Let’s do well, put ideas into practice, and see the team accept. I have to respect the characteristic of this is my advantage here: I already know the characteristics of 80″ % of the team, what they can do. This is a big step for us already, which I didn’t do last year. And who knows, things will be faster,” he predicted.

Coca will make his technical leadership debut for Atletico at 4pm on Sunday (31st), against Internacional, in Beira Rio, in Porto Alegre. The match will be valid for the 20th round of the Italian Serie A Championship.