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Video: A thief disguises himself as a garbage bag to steal packages from the doorstep

Video: A thief disguises himself as a garbage bag to steal packages from the doorstep

A surveillance camera catches a thief dressed as a garbage bag for stealing Photo: social networks

A security camera from a home in California, United States, captured the moment when an unusual thief disguised himself inside a garbage bag to steal a package left on the doorstep.

The images show the person bending under the bag as it slowly moves towards the command. The thief's shoes are exposed.

Watch the video:

The owner of the parcel, in an interview with the North American portal ABC10, said that when he saw the photos he thought it was a joke, and although he was angry when he realized it was theft, he also thought the situation was funny:

“When I saw the bag arriving at my door, I thought they were playing with me. At first, I was kind of angry because it was something I was expecting. But at the end of the day, it was kind of funny,” he said. .

The owner also stated that he was not sad and that it was not expensive:

“I see everything in a good way because that's part of life. If you see everything in a bad way, you won't go anywhere.”

The video had repercussions online, and Brazilians mocked the situation: “It could easily be in Brazil,” wrote one follower on the X Network (formerly Twitter).

Another joked about the situation: “It doesn't give Brazilians any idea.”

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