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Victory Day against Dengue: Mobilization and Awareness in Carmo

Victory Day against Dengue: Mobilization and Awareness in Carmo

On Saturday 23 March, another dengue mobilization and awareness day was held. Specialized teams visited many homes, where residents were welcomed and taught about the importance of removing potential breeding sites for mosquitoes that transmit the disease.

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During the visits, the officers searched household yards, identified places exposed to water accumulation, and warned of the dangers and necessary measures to prevent the spread of mosquitoes. Moreover, residents were educated about the precautions to be taken to prevent dengue fever as well as about the procedures to be followed in case symptoms of the disease appear.

It is important to emphasize that everyone can contribute to this fight against dengue. Active community participation is essential to combat the epidemic and protect everyone's health. Together, we can make a difference and stop the spread of this serious public health issue.

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