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US to supply Ukraine with long-range ATACMS missiles, NBC reports

US to supply Ukraine with long-range ATACMS missiles, NBC reports

US President Joe Biden and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky walk through the White House during a meeting this Thursday (21).| Photo: EFE/EPA/Evan Vucci /POOL

During a meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at the White House, US President Joe Biden announced that the US would supply Ukraine with long-range ATACMS missiles. American broadcaster NBC News.

If confirmed, the announcement would mark a significant development in US military aid to Ukraine, which has long requested such missiles to bolster its defense capabilities.

Ukraine has requested ATACMS missiles to aid its operations against Russian forces in areas occupied by Vladimir Putin’s country and to disrupt supply routes, air bases and rail networks.

The ATACMS missiles, which have a range of approximately 144 kilometers, are considered particularly effective in neutralizing Russian ballistic missiles in Crimea, where most attacks are directed against the port city of Odessa.

Sources told NBC News that during a meeting with Zelensky this Thursday (21), Biden assured Ukraine that the US would provide a “small number” of ATACMS missiles.

The news did not specify the date on which the official announcement of the deployment of these missiles would take place.

The White House declined to confirm the US broadcaster’s report, but reiterated that the US would help Ukraine “as long as needed”.

Presidential spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre highlighted that the meeting between the two leaders sent a “strong signal to the world” that the Americans will continue to be “Kiev’s fundamental ally”.

The decision to provide the ATACMS missiles follows the announcement of a new military aid package worth US$325 million (approximately R$1.6 billion) by the US government on Thursday.

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The package includes weapons such as another HAWK air defense battery and missile interceptor systems to protect civilians.

Although Ukraine has stepped up requests for ATACMS missiles in recent months, the initial aid package made no mention of sending such missiles. (with EFE Agency)

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