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US Elections: Trump Wins Republican Primary in New Hampshire;  Nikki Haley continues to race  US Elections 2024

US Elections: Trump Wins Republican Primary in New Hampshire; Nikki Haley continues to race US Elections 2024

Trump heads into the New Hampshire Republican caucus this Tuesday (23).

The Associated Press news agency predicted that Donald Trump won the Republican primary election held in New Hampshire this Tuesday (22).

The former US president defeated another challenger, former US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley.

In a speech to supporters, Haley congratulated Trump and said she would stay in the race. “This race is said to be over. I have news: New Hampshire is the first (state) in the nation, not the last. The breed is far-flung, with dozens of states still in existence. Next is mine, from South Carolina.”.

Votes are still being counted. Voting closes at 8pm local time (10pm in Brasilia)

A primary is the process by which American voters choose their candidate for the November presidential election.

Earlier, Haley had already said she would not drop out of the race if she lost to Trump in the New Hampshire vote.

New Hampshire voters are considered independent and moderate, which is why US political analysts say this primary is one of Haley's best chances.

According to the AP agency, Trump won the vote in small towns in New Hampshire, home to the majority of voters who participated in the primaries. A majority of Republican voters in the state do not have college degrees. Of these, two-thirds voted for Trump. He won 7 out of 10 Republican voters who identify as conservative.

Montage shows Donald Trump and Nikki Haley – Photo: Reuters

Pressure on Haley to quit

Even before the vote, allies of the former president were already pressuring Haley to drop out. Haley should do what she wants, Trump said, but voters will choose her.

It is the first time a Republican candidate has won both Iowa and New Hampshire Republican primary contests. Both these states are voting for the first time since 1976.

In Iowa, Trump took first place, with Ron DeSantis, who had already dropped out of the race, second and Haley third.

Haley's aides say he's staying

Earlier in the day, Betsy Ankney, Haley's campaign manager, sent a statement to donors, supporters and the press.

“The political class and the media want to crown Donald Trump. They say the race is over. They want to throw up their hands that Trump is the (winner) after 110,000 people vote at a rally in Iowa. That's how it works,” he said.