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UK trial events have had encouraging results

Although it continues in Brazil without warning, it is already different in the UK for people to return to normal daily routine. Cultural Secretary Oliver Dowd unveiled the results of the experiment on May 11 and 15 at public events. In an interview with the English newspaper Evening Standard, he said that from the 58,000 people who attended the events, Brit Awards Until the end of the end FA Cup, Only 15 people have been affected.

Four of them took place in the 17 days of the World Snooker Championship, already Brit Awards No contamination was recorded. Note that the mask is allowed to the public and left to circulate at will on the other table. In Liverpool, the test event for more than 5,000 people was completed by just two people. But the biggest pollution occurred at a nightclub in Liverpool. Is coincidence correct? While the city recorded the smallest case of infection from test cases, it also had the highest level of pollution. It contains [boate], Nine out of the current six thousand were polluted.

According to Secretary Oliver Dowden, the decision was a great success and showed confidence that it would open more on June 21st. For theaters and other venues in the West End, it is known for bringing together diverse venues and tourist attractions.

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