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UK Labour Party forecast for ‘historic victory’

UK Labour Party forecast for ‘historic victory’

The Survation poll indicates that the party is expected to exceed its record number of seats in parliament, by obtaining 484 seats.

British Labour Party led by Keir StarmerYou must have “Historic victory” In the elections scheduled for Thursday (July 4, 2024), according to research conducted by StayThe party is estimated to win 484 of the 650 seats in Parliament. If confirmed, it would surpass the record of 418 seats, achieved when Tony Blair led the party in 1997.

In contrast, the Conservative Party, short for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, which has been in power for 14 years, is expected to win just 64 seats. This would be the lowest number since its founding in 1834. Information taken from Reuters.

Furthermore, the right-wing British Reform Party is expected to win seven seats.

The following is the estimated number of seats by party:

  • Labor Party: 484 seats out of 650;
  • Conservatives: 64 seats.
  • Liberal Democrats: 61 seats;
  • Scottish National Party: 10 seats;
  • Reform in the UK: 7 seats;
  • Plaid Cymru in Wales: 3 seats.
  • Green Party of England and Wales: 3 seats.

Survation used MRP (multilevel regression and post-stratification) to reach these conclusions, a methodology that estimates public opinion at local levels from large national samples. 34,558 interviews were conducted online and by phone. Click here and is reading (In English) Technical notes of the research.

Labour leaders say Starmer’s campaign, which featured meetings with voters across the country, appears to have been well-received by Britons, and the politician is likely to replace Sunak as Speaker of Parliament.

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