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UK counties trial artificial intelligence for traffic control

UK counties trial artificial intelligence for traffic control

Mobility Editorial
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Cambridgeshire and Oxfordshire counties have started working with artificial intelligence system to control traffic. A partnership between the Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) and data entity, Ulcera Data TechnologiesThe AI ​​system was launched to reduce congestion and improve sustainable transport options.

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According to Alsera, the partnership will use data obtained from county roads to test an AI-based solution. Its objective is to automate decision-making in regional traffic control rooms. The data includes information about vehicles, active travel and road works.

AI should work with traffic agents to monitor road conditions in real-time. By reading information and data from sensors spread across highways, it can make recommendations to a control room team, for example. According to the technology company, the focus of the system is to keep people moving, prioritizing sustainable and active modes of transportation.

The partnership hopes the project's results will help local authorities demonstrate how they can reduce congestion. In addition, it hopes to improve the circulation of cars, increase the adoption of sustainable travel and, in this way, expand efforts to decarbonize transport.

The initiative went live shortly after the funding award was announced. Innovate the UK's Net Zero Innovation program to help achieve net zero targets. The winner was awarded £250,000. The value is equivalent to R$ 1,360,918.26 here in Brazil.