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UK bans cell phone use in schools

UK bans cell phone use in schools

The British government confirmed this Monday (2) that it is banning the use of cell phones in schools to “improve behaviour”. The move was officially announced by UK Education Secretary Gillian Keegan.

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  • As stated therein Official announcementThe new guidelines will ban the use of devices throughout the school day, including during recess.
  • The rule will be adopted to increase focus in classes, reduce distractions and combat “disruptive behavior and online bullying”.
  • “This ban supports the hard work of teachers and the government’s reforms. The move will bring the UK in line with other countries that have already implemented the ban,” says Keegan.
  • If educational institutions fail to implement the change, the ban will become law in the future, a government statement said. No adaptation timeline has been announced yet.
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It is worth noting that this practice is gaining ground in Europe. France, for example, is following the same path Forbesas well as Italy.

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This is a fantastic step in ensuring that students can work, learn and grow in a place free from the influence of cell phones. Schools that have already implemented bans report that students are safer, happier and better able to focus than before

Tom Bennett, School Behavior Consultant.

The rule, though strict, has limitations. One of them is when children need cell phones for “medical reasons,” for example. The ban is part of a multi-million dollar package of investment to improve behavior in British schools.

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What prompted the decision?

According to a survey carried out by the UK government, a third (29%) of secondary school students reported using cell phones when they were not in most or all of their classes.

In February 2022, the department suggested that no new rules were needed because schools were taking disciplinary action against the use of cellphones in the classroom. Now the authorities have changed their minds.

Are cell phones allowed in the classroom in Brazil?

In Brazil, the debate on banning cell phones in schools began in 2007 with PL 2,246-A. The text still refers to older words as an argument. One of them is the constant exchange of SMS (or “text messages”) that prevent communication between students. Still, there is no law in force banning cell phone use in Brazilian schools.