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TTWGroup will have a DMC to attract foreigners to Brazil

TTWGroup will have a DMC to attract foreigners to Brazil

Panrotas / Emerson Sousa

Eduardo Jazz, CEO, TTWGroup

Still in 2023, TTWGroup will have a new company under its umbrella: very latin. Eduardo Jazz, CEO of TTWGroup, revealed that the group’s DMC is a project in development since 2018 that would have been launched in 2020 had it not been for the pandemic. Now, the businessman thinks it’s the right time to start the project, and says he’s already hiring the team and planning to launch it during the second half of the year, with ILTM Cannes, by his friend Simon Mayle, being a potential platform to advertise the novelty to the trade.

“Very Latin will be a 100% B2B company, focused on travel agencies outside of Brazil. The goal is to receive foreigners all over Brazil, showing its natural and cultural beauties. The talk about Brazil not having the infrastructure to receive tourists has fallen off the ground. We have a lot of Attractions and hotels on offer, and there are still fewer tourists in Brazil than those who climb the Eiffel Tower in Paris. We can’t be shy about promoting Brazil.”

Eduardo Jazz, CEO of the TTW Group

According to the executive branch, the very latin Born from the demand of customers who already buy with TTWGroup, from brands like SkiUSA. Therefore, Gaz seeks to leverage these international connections to sell Brazil to the whole world, identifying the United States and Mexico as the markets that should be strongest for the new DMC.

“The opportunities we have to show Brazil to the travel agencies that are already working with us are huge.”

Eduardo Jazz, TTWGroup

Jazz explained that he wanted to show why people should know about Brazil and what the country has to offer. According to the CEO, Brazil’s image at the international level is still closely linked to Carnival and football, since “Carnival lasts four days, and we have endless opportunities to show Brazil through other lenses besides samba and football,” he defends.

According to the CEO of TTWGroup, Very Latin will strive to offer sustainable tourism, attracting tourists interested in discovering the different Brazilian biomes. “I want the tourist who wants to know the Pantanal, who wants to sail on the Negro River, who understands Rio de Janeiro. I want to welcome tourists in Brazil in a better way than they are currently being received,” he added.

Expand TTWGroup

a very latin It will be the culmination of the expansion that TTWGroup has experienced since 2019.

From the epidemic until now,

  • TTW Group doubled in number of employees,
  • quadrupled its revenue,
  • And it goes from two offices to six, four in São Paulo, one in Miami and one in Portugal, Jazz explained.

“The group was already experiencing growth in 2019, and the actions we took during and after the pandemic were critical to capitalizing on that growth,” Jazz concluded.

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