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They stole the security plans for the Olympics

They stole the security plans for the Olympics

A folder containing a computer and two USB memory sticks, which contains police security plans The Olympic Games in ParisIt was stolen from a train at the station Gare du Nordin the French capital.

According to international agencies, the theft occurred on the night of Monday, the 26th of this month, when an engineer from the Paris City Council, who is responsible for this confidential data, filed a complaint with the Gare du Nord police station.

The electronic equipment contained sensitive information about security plans for the Olympic competition, which will be held from July 26 to August 11 this year in Paris.

Engineer's statement

According to initial reports submitted to police, the 56-year-old engineer was traveling at around 7:30 pm and sitting on a train bound for Creel in Oise. Place the bag in the trunk of the car over the seat.

Due to the delay in the train's departure, the man decided to change to another line also heading to Creel. At that moment he noticed that his computer and USB memory cards were missing.

The engineer informed municipal police authorities that this equipment contains sensitive data related to security plans for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.


The investigation was handed over to the regional transport police, according to French newspaper Le Parisien. The Paris City Council has not yet commented on what happened. But it is known that the chamber intends to mobilize a workforce of 2,000 police officers for the 2024 Olympics.

The police operation envisages the deployment of approximately 35,000 security guards to ensure security during the Games. In addition, France will send 10,000 soldiers to strengthen Olympic security.

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Last year, organizers Paris 2024 Olympic Games They announced that they are taking additional measures to ensure the safety of the event's opening ceremony.

The decision comes after French President Emmanuel Macron revealed that there is a possibility of moving the ceremony from the Seine River in the event of a major security alert.

According to Macron, there are contingency plans – known as Plan B, Plan C, etc. – If the condition worsens. Rising tensions in the Middle East have raised security concerns across Europe and may affect plans to hold the ceremony as planned.