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These 10 professions will soon disappear

These 10 professions will soon disappear

Throughout human history, several Professions They have come and gone, either because of lack of demand or because new technologies have usurped their role.

Therefore, it is not surprising that in the coming years, other activities will cease to exist, even if they were very popular.

In this context, these Professions that will disappear in the next years.

Nowadays, evaluating the future of a profession is crucial when choosing a profession – Image: SergeyNivens/ Canva Pro

What professions will disappear from the map?

With the appearance artificial intelligenceit is now possible to follow the interests of specialists in certain fields.

It should affect not only jobs with repetitive tasks, but also creative tasks. After all, actors and screenwriters already feel threatened by the presence of technology at the big studios.

Naturally, process automation will also contribute to this disappearance, which will generate significant losses for low-cost workers.

According to a report he published World Economic ForumAbout 23% of jobs will change by 2027, resulting in the elimination of 83 million jobs.

Among the most popular, these ten are the ones that attract the most attention:

  1. Material organizer and inventory maintenance;
  2. Business and management services managers;
  3. bank cashier;
  4. Machine mechanics and repairmen;
  5. Street vendors;
  6. postal employees;
  7. financial analysts;
  8. Factory assemblers;
  9. electronics installers;
  10. sales representative.

New opportunities

First, it is important to understand that the disappearance of these functions depends on other factors.

Among them, the level of development in the area, the demand for these services and even possible government regulations. However, experts recommend preparing for this process.

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After all, the same report also points to the emergence of 69 million other jobs and professions. In this case, artificial intelligence experts, business analysts, and Cyber ​​security They are the ones that stand out the most.

Furthermore, there should be a greater demand for education professionals, such as educators and teachers, which may surprise many people.

In addition to, Sustainability It should be a more present topic in discussions in the coming years, which would increase the demand for specialists in this field.