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The previous schedule for the 20th National Science and Technology Week has been released

The previous schedule for the 20th National Science and Technology Week has been released

João Pessoa City Hall is counting down to the 20th National Science and Technology Week (SNCT), which will take place from November 23 to 25 at the José Linz do Rigo Cultural Space, in the Tampauzinho neighborhood. The opening ceremony will take place on Thursday (23), at 5 pm, and will include a performance by the Rubacão Jazz Ensemble, created at the Department of Music of the Federal University of Paraíba (UFPB).

According to the Department of Science and Technology (Secitec), History and Science Challenges, events aimed at public school students in the João Pessoa urban area, are the new features of the event this year.

The First History Challenge aims to encourage students, organized in teams of three, to study the history of Paraíba and in their dialogues with the history of Brazil in an innovative way, addressing fundamental topics based on documents, photographs, maps, academic texts, unpublished research and historical debates.

The first Paraibano Science Challenge (DPC) targets public and private school students in João Pessoa studying from 6th to 9th grade of primary school and to students in the first year of secondary school.

The Olympics and Robotics – During the meeting, there will be the Pessoense Mathematics Olympiad, an activity carried out by the Department of Mathematics at the Center for Exact and Natural Sciences at UFPB University. The tests will be divided into three levels and will be applied to primary and secondary school students.

Another attraction of the 20th SNCT is the Robotics Exhibition, which aims to introduce to the public a small part of the world of robotics taught in municipal and state schools. In this event, participants will divide into teams and try to build robots capable of achieving a certain goal, which will be defined and communicated in advance by the organization.

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Workshops, spaces and competitions – There will also be a Games and Geek Space competition at the venue, which is supposed to bring together the biggest video game fans and will feature the most popular games of the moment, such as League of Legends and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. In addition, exhibitions, signing sessions and other activities will be held.

At Espaço Startups, visitors will find an exhibition area open to the public with activities such as mentoring and lectures. It will be an excellent opportunity to learn about technological innovation solutions being developed by local companies.

Recycling workshops are always a popular activity at science and technology events and the 20th SNCT Conference will be no different. Participants will learn about the environmental damage caused by irregular disposal of electronic waste and how to transform electronic waste into works of art. With the help of the screens, they will be able to produce handicrafts using materials such as switches, circuit boards and recovered metals.

At the 20th SNCT, there will be space for universities, which will have dedicated platforms and an exclusive program for each educational institution. It is an opportunity for them to introduce themselves to the courses offered, laboratory work, and results of ongoing research projects.

CampeonArte – CampeonArte is a competition with the participation of students from 15 municipalities where Carvana of SNCT passed the 20th. In the cultural space, the best arts made from electronic waste will be selected. The best position will be awarded: R$900 for first place, R$600 for second place, and R$300 for third place.

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Partners – The 20th SNCT is supported by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, the Government of the State of Paraíba and scientific research institutions: the National Council of Science and Technology (CNPq), the National Fund for Scientific and Technological Development (FNDCT), the Foundation Support of the Federal Institute of Paraíba (IFPB), the Federal University of Paraíba (UFPB). , the Federal Institute of Paraíba (IFPB), the State University of Paraíba (UEPB), the faculties of Nova Esperanza, Uninação and Unipe, as well as Datin, Proibana, Cageba, Teletex, Funetec, Sebrae, Empreender Paraíba, Fiep and Empresa Paraibana de Comunicação (EPC).