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The player finds a Life is Strange Easter Egg

The player finds a Life is Strange Easter Egg

Nine years later, a Life is Strange player has shared a surprising and sinister discovery. Hidden details in the second episode of the game foreshadow events that will occur at the end of the chapter and highlight Don’t Betray’s attention to detail.

According to a video report by redditor “JennyVanille,” Kate Marsh could have been spotted while Max Caulfield was in the classroom. If you search for items on the character’s desk for a period of time, an animation will be activated in the location window.

This real-time event kicks off the dramatic events that take place at the end of the second episode of Life is Strange. It concerns a unique interaction between Max and Kate, which fans of the franchise will surely remember.

Check out the post below:

[ALL] Has anyone noticed these details before?
byu/JennyVanille inLife is strange

Life is Strange is available for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The game will also be playable on new-gen consoles via backward compatibility.

“New Life is Strange” makes “Don’t nod” to postpone the next match

The surprise announcement of Life is Strange: Double Exposure has changed DON’T OOD’s plans. With Max’s October adventure to focus on, the developer has decided to postpone the launch of its next project. Click here to learn more.

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