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The Office returns to Netflix

The Office returns to Netflix

Two years after The Office was pulled from Netflix, the series is back on streaming with all seasons

All seasons of The Office returned to the Netflix catalog this past Sunday, the first. In 2020, the series was available on streaming, but was pulled after an agreement between NBC and Netflix.

As revealed TechWorldOther countries weren’t so lucky, Netflix subscribers from Australia, Israel, Turkey, UK, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, Canada and more can no longer access the show. The explanation would be the exorbitant cost of renewing the rights to the series.

The Office: Christmas Episode saved the series from being canceled, say the cast

One of the best and most popular comedy series in history. the desk It was in danger of being canceled in the second season, however birthday Save the entire production, according to Angela Kinsey And the Brian Baumgartnermy translators Angela Martin And the Kevin Malonerespectively.

during an interview with Yahoo EntertainmentThe two actors recall the rough time (long before its massive popularity around the world) at the start of the series, when it was often on the verge of cancellation due to low ratings.

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“We’ve been canceled two, three, four, 10, 12 times ahead of time,” he said. Baumgartner. “We fought [com números de audiência] week after week Kinsey. After that, the actor spoke about the importance birthday: “Quickly refuse and then come back and [aquele episódio] Really it was a meaningful event for us. And from there we really took off.”

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finally, Angela Kinsey He commented on the relief he felt after the success: “After the episode aired, we were the first streaming show in the world Itunes And all of a sudden we were like, “Wait. We found our audience. It just turned the corner from there and we were ready.”

Which Christmas episode saved The Office from cancellation?

episode birthday Who saved the desk of the cancellation wasbirthday party,” the tenth episode of the second season of production. The plot of the chapter follows a secret friend, with a limit of $20 per gift, from Dunder Mifflin And all the chaos that strange and unusual employees have been able to bring about.

for example, Michael Scott (Steve Carell) buy one iPod A video clip worth $400 as a gift to Ryan Howard (BJ Novak), But Mikhail He is disappointed with the handmade oven mitt he receives from him Phyllis Labine (Phyllis Smith) and insists on turning the event into a thief’s friend. However, there was something nice: Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) I got a name Pam Paisley (Jenna Fischer) He put a lot of effort into the gift which was a teapot filled with some keepsakes and a personal message.