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The municipal health units have 210 inpatients

The acclimatization to the Coronavirus has worsened in recent days in Cascavel.

The number of positive cases and the percentage of family occupancy has increased, leading to a new crisis.

Only in the municipal emergency care units, next to Hospital de Retaguarda, are there 210 inpatients.

See how the situation is in each unit.

SESAU Update 05/29/2021:

UPA Brasilia
Support: 07
Introduction: 02
Lactation: 28

UPA Venice
Support: 17 (16 adults /
Intubation: 6
Nursing: 43

Support: 02
Nursing: 37 (09 Ortho)

Servants Hospital
Urology 25
Starter: 19
Nursing: 24

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