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The Miley administration uses the dictatorship thesis and blocks Brazil

The Miley administration uses the dictatorship thesis and blocks Brazil

according to Brazilian government portalTo obtain permanent residency in Argentina, using a bilateral agreement, a citizen can start the process while in the country. However, it is necessary to provide personal documents, criminal records, proof of address in Argentina and pay the fee. The procedure is done online.

The agreement between the two countries makes it easier for Brazilians and Argentines to move and apply for permanent residency directly, without going through the two-year temporary period, as is the case with other Mercosur citizens and other nationalities. Morales explains that, precisely because they have the right to request permanent residency, Brazilians who want to settle in Argentina will not need a student visa to attend university.

Banned from entering Brazil on suspicion of being a “fake tourist” Photo: personal archive

“The regulations do not stipulate that someone can be expelled as a fake tourist because they came to study,” he stressed. Preventing Mercosur citizens from entering Argentina will not be justified, according to the lawyer, unless the person has a criminal record, has been previously deported, or when there is a request from Interpol. “If a person has the necessary documents, it is the immigration authority that must explain the reasons why the citizen cannot enter Argentina.” He added:

These issues can be claimed diplomatically, because there is an agreement between Brazil and Argentina. Brazil should be concerned about the way its citizens are treated in Argentine territory.

The agreement talks about the right to remain, but not to enter

Despite the validity of the bilateral agreement and the Mercosur Treaty, the treaties fail as an implementation tool that would make it easier for people to migrate, says lawyer Pablo SirianniMember of the United Nations Committee on Migration. “However, this absence cannot justify that through an administrative ruling, as a pseudo-tourist, people from Mercosur are prevented from entering the country to start the residency process, because being a pseudo-tourist was a requirement designed for other cases,” Sirianni explains.

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